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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Co2 Cars - Diary

It is day 3 of making our Co2 Cars. I am now up to my add-ons. I first grabbed a piece of add-on wood and took it back to where I was sitting. I then used a craft knife to shape the add-on. I did the same with all the others and then sanded them sleek. After that I ran my fingers over my add-ons to double check that they were smooth. Then I wandered over to Stephen to check if I could stick them on to my car. The answer was yes. I was a hard work because my friend Charlotte put my add-ons in the order I wanted them, but put them there crooked. The end solution was that I pulled them off, sanded off the glue on my car, and stuck them back on again. Finally I had my add-ons on my car, but that wasn't my car finished. Stephen said that I should stick my wheels on, so I did. Stephen squirted glue onto the part where my axels needed to go, and I stuck my axels on. Then my car had about 5 minutes of shade-bathing to let the glue dry. I then slipped my back wheels on. I had a bit of trouble getting my front wheels on. and then squeezed on the bolts, then the day of making Co2 cars was over. Here is my car after 3 days of work.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Co2 Cars - Diary

On day 2 of making our Co2 cars, I was up to sanding my car.  I thought that I had taken quite a lot of wood off my car. As I sanded away I looked up and saw Annaliese talking to Stephen, "Oh no," I thought, "Has Annaliese cut herself?" I soon found out that my question was answered, and yes, Annaliese had cut herself. "At least it wasn't me," I thought. Here is my car after 2 days of work.

Co2 Cars - Diary

We are making Co2 cars this term. Stephen gave us a kit of all the things we would need.

When we worked on them we had to cut away from ourselves and keep our hands out of the way. It was hard work. I didn't cut myself, but five other people did. I was a bit scared that I would cut through the wood by my wheels, but I didn't.
At the end I had a roughly shaped car. I had not sanded it.
My car is going to be called The Firebolt. I named it after the broomstick in Harry Potter.