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Friday, 11 December 2015

Game Writing

The Soaring Seagull

Hi, crab here, or, should I say Mrs Crab here. Crab or Mrs Crab, I will always have an unfortunate end. You see, I’m not just some ordinary Crab. I feature in an arcade game named The Soaring Seagull. It is much worse than it sounds. The thing is, because I am a crab, and because seagulls eat crabs, well, let’s just say we aren’t the best of friends. It is a very popular game, which increases the risk of my death. It is a miracle that I even survived the first level! Although I have survived I feel myself grieve for my family and friends every night, and then there are the times when I feel like I want to be free, that I need to be free. I want to fly like a bird, soar like a seagull. But no, I will never do any of that. Never. Ever.

Until now. My master plan has not a flaw. First, I gather flax from the beach. Then I bind the strands together so that they are shaped like wings. I hunt for long sticks and find two. Then I put them together. Behold the amazing, crabflyer. On the beach there is a cliff, I will run, holding my glider and jump off the edge. The contraption will then fly with me holding it, which means I will fly. Of course there is also the slight risk that the glider will not fly and I will go plummeting down a 200 foot drop to my certain death, but let's not worry about that.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and take flight!!! I soar through the air. It is the best feeling in the world to feel. Until… OMG!!! I let go! Noooooo!!! I’m falling, and just when I think its going to end, I keep on falling. Huh, there is this weird glary light beneath me, is it god, am I dying? The answer to both of those is no, the light is the sun, and… wait, the sun? Oh, I was upside down. But that means I’m flying. There is a platform above me. I gingerly step onto it. And there, in the flesh, are my friends and family. Oh silly me, they never died, they were just taken away. Go away thoughts, I need time to have a proper family hug.

Minecraft Slide

Here is my Minecraft Slide.

Maths ShowMe

Here is how I worked out the area of a shape. Here is the link.

Game Reflection

In class we have made earthquake games. Unfortunately my game kept on deleting so at this stage I do not have one. At first I used GamePress, but I couldn't figure out how to make characters move. Then I tried GameFroot. My game kept deleting so I never got to make a game. Next time I am going to try a different website.