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Thursday, 31 March 2016


Description: From the start of the year we have been writing stories. When we were finished all of them we chose the one we thought was best to publish. I have chosen my camp writing, which is in a day in the life of a camp toilet.


Day in the Life of a Camp Toilet
Published by Camp Bookstm

Hi, it’s me. I don’t even know my name. Humans call me a “Toilet” Pfff, what sorta name is that. I’ll just call myself, myself. Anyway, that's enough about my name, it’s my job I want to tell you about. My job, day in, day out, my job, same time, same place, my job. Nobody knows what it’s like to be a toilet, except, of course, a toilet. Always in the same place as before, always. Just stuck there on the grimy ground. All we toilets have is our horrible disgusting job.

P.S - Are you sure you want to venture past this paragraph into the tragic woes of my job???

P.P.S - CAUTION: Putrid stuff ahead - do not read if you are not used to disgusting things - the content may cause weaker readers to collapse.

P.P.P.S - All spew damage will be at the expense of the person responsible. Camp Bookstm will take no responsibility whatsoever.

So here we go. I’m sitting in my cubicle, doing nothing, as per usual. When a human walks in. As the door swings open I catch a glimpse of Outside. The sun rays streaming in above the lush green grass. The sweet smell of honeysuckles amongst the trees. The immense silvery sea shimmering in the light. The breeze tickling me as the birds sing their own sweet song. But now it's gone. That whole world out there, waiting for me, has lost patience at last. The window to my world has closed.

I am prisoner in my own cubicle. I have never gotten used to being used and I don’t think I ever will. Lost in my thoughts I don’t see the two great big overgrown balloons lowering onto me. Now it’s too late, they are on me, and there is no way out.

I brace myself, preparing for the worst. Then it started. A trickle of yellow sludge oozes down my side, hissing as it moved. It slowed down to a steady drip, drop, drip, drop. Suddenly a strangled moaning sound erupts from the mouth of the human above me. A mysterious big brown blob is appearing, getting closer and closer until… it dropped, speeding like a bullet to land with a splash in the lake of lemonade. At long last, the human stands up. “Phew,” I thought “Another job done.” But I had spoken too soon.

“HURRICANE!!!!! My stomach, it’s tossing and turning like mad. What have I ever done to you world!?!?! What have I done!?!?!” I thought. But then it was over, and my stomach was empty. There you go. That's my job. And now it’s done. Wait, that's the door opening, and that's the tap of feet. A human strides in and lowers itself gingerly onto me. “Here we go again.”

Feedback/Feedforward: I like how you have made it really funny but next time you could make your paragraphs shorter. Charlotte H

Evaluation: Thanks Charlotte, I will take that onboard for next time. I agree that I need to make my paragraphs shorter. Other than that I think I have done really well, especially while explaining the outside bit.

Thursday, 17 March 2016


Description: In class we have been making our family tree, or our Whakapapa. I went up to my great great grandparents. When we were finished we labeled each person in Maori. For example Uncle would be Matua Keke. Then we chose how to present it. I did mine online on a website called Family Echo. I had to split it into 2 photos because the whole thing would not fit on the screen - the bottom pic is supposed to be on the bottom right corner.

Feedback/Feedforward: I think you did really well but next time you can do more of your family tree. Charlotte H

Evaluation: Overall I think I did pretty well at finding info and putting it together, but I do agree with Charlotte that I should try and do more of it next time.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Camp 2016

Description: On the 8th of March all the year 5/6 kids went to El Rancho in Waikanae for school camp. There were 10 activities, consisting of the pool, Archery, Mini Golf, Waterslide, Rifles, Horses, Low Ropes, Kayaks, Rafts and Team Initiatives. We were split into activity groups and completed all of them in the duration of camp.


FeedBack/FeedForward: I think you could of explained more about why you liked kayaking instead of just saying that it was fun. I like how you explained what you did when you were rafting and you didn't leave anything out. Hannah G

Friday, 4 March 2016

OneWord 2016

Description: In class we each made a OneWord. OneWord is a goal you want to work towards this year. My OneWord is Consistency. I chose this word because I want to be consistently doing well all-round. I drew the letters to represent me.

Feedback/Feedforward: I really like the word you chose because it really stands out in your learning but next time you may have to put a bit more detail into your letters. -Gaby F

Evaluation: Thanks Gaby, I agree. Next time I need to make a lighter background and I need to put more detail into the letters. I like how I did the animals on the letters, Only next time I will do them bigger.

Camp Goals

In class we have been making goals for our camp next Monday. We all did a personal goal and an action goal. Here are my goals.